I’m ba-ack!

I went on a trip home the last week or so. We had so much fun that I am going to do what I can to go home every year. We ate so much good food (of course being in Louisiana) and just had lots of fun spending time together. Next year when we get together, we are going to do our own version of Iron Chef with spinach as a secret ingredient. Can’t wait. I’m thinking up new things to do with spinach already. I hope everybody has a Happy New Year and there will be many stories about this trip to come.

Happy Birthday Dad

Today was my father’s birthday. Since my husband lost his father, I’ve tried to be as appreciative as possible of the fact that he is still here, but nothing brought that home like my dad’s episode with cancer. I am so thankful that I was able to call him on the phone, wish him a Happy Birthday and hear his voice. My dad is not perfect, but nothing puts imperfections into perspective like being faced with an illness that threatens to take someone away. cake

Thursday Randomness: Lost – memories.

thepers1931_sdaliIt’s something how we take the vast network of memories that comprise our existence for granted. Then we are faced with the reality of the possibility that they can be lost. Completely.Read More »

Dirty Thirty.

cake30I remember when my brother was born. My mom and dad had us other kids staying at my aunt’s house and after my mom was ready to come home, we got to meet my brother. He was very loud. I think that theme continued through the years. Sorry bro. LOL. Now he’s married with kids. It’s been kind of funny because my younger sibs’ birthdays have always inspired talk like, “Oh, I remember 30.” or “30 was a good year for you.” It was a pretty good year, but all of the years since have been pretty good too. Well, most of the years have been pretty good too. Last year had some rough patches for real. Everything is getting better in most ways.  So, Happy Birthday little bro and many more!!!