Dear Dad,

Thank you for your kindness, your patience, your encouragement, your wisdom, your love, your faith, your support and your discipline. I know there were a lot of times when I did not appreciate any of these things, but I stand here today, in full awareness that I would not be the woman that I am nor would I be on the journey that I am on if it had not been for these things. Thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for getting up when you fell down because it still shows me how to get up when I fall down. Thank you for your relentless work ethic and the blessing it has brought me and my children. Thank you for loving Mom. Thank you for loving us. Happy Father’s Day.

Thank You, God, for my Dad.


Day Two – Forward Motion.

opendoorsI am in a season of my life (and by extension, my family’s lives) where a lot of doors are starting to open. For the past few years there has been work, prayer, more work and even more work and tears of frustration and wondering if things would ever change. The simplest opportunities required planning and strategy on a level that had me wondering if I was doing something wrong, but those situations have built me. I still have challenges and struggles and adversity, but it feels so good to be moving forward.

Tiptoeing through the tulips.

This week, the kids were out for Spring Break and we had beautiful, warm, sunny weather for three days straight. This, of course, meant that we had to take advantage. We visited a tulip farm and the colors of the blooms defied description. Every year photographers try to capture it, and their work is breathtaking, but it is one of those situations where you have to be there. A person could spend several days out there just taking it all in, much less putting it on canvas or paper or glass or plastic or fabric or whatever. Sharing it with people I love made it more wonderful.



Breakfast with Elephants.

H_Chendra-Forest-Hall-elephantThis morning, my family got up and went to a preview of the new elephant exhibit in the Oregon Zoo. It is one of the largest in the world. I went to the zoo a couple of times while the habitat was under construction but the whole thing made my jaw drop. Once we had seen the elephants we went to see the giraffes (Ms. A’s favorite) and we went home just as the throngs were arriving for the ribbon cutting and grand opening. We were more than okay with that, as none of us are fond of crowds. I took a few pictures, but the Zoo people did a much better job. 🙂