Breakfast with Elephants.

H_Chendra-Forest-Hall-elephantThis morning, my family got up and went to a preview of the new elephant exhibit in the Oregon Zoo. It is one of the largest in the world. I went to the zoo a couple of times while the habitat was under construction but the whole thing made my jaw drop. Once we had seen the elephants we went to see the giraffes (Ms. A’s favorite) and we went home just as the throngs were arriving for the ribbon cutting and grand opening. We were more than okay with that, as none of us are fond of crowds. I took a few pictures, but the Zoo people did a much better job. 🙂

November 26 : Today.

thanksgivWhat a wonderful concept – a full day to just be thankful for all of the things I have been blessed with and seen and lived right now. All of the great experiences and not so great experiences because I learned something from them all and because I grew from them all. I was awakened by a text message from my family wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. Later on I got to skype with them. I am so grateful for them. I was thankful to spend the morning cooking and Al served as my sous chef. He did a great job.

Young A may be a future coffee drinker.

keepoutI say that because she is the most adamant non-morning person in our house. I come through, open her door, wish her a “Good Morning,” and after I leave I can hear her murmur something, close her door and lock it. I was not a morning person when I was younger, but I think she has me beat at the ripe old age of nine. Smh.

Put first things first.

Turning forty gave me an amazing clarity and urgency about the practice of living out my priorities, just like the video. A week ago, I was in Louisiana with my family. It was another of those situations, exactly like Las Vegas, when I was in the exact place where I needed to be. I got the chance to spend time with so many people in my family who I really needed to spend time with. One of them is no longer with us and I’m working out my feelings about that. Obviously I am grieving, but I am also extremely thankful and joyful to have been blessed with the opportunity to speak with him one last time. I know it’s cliche’ to say to tell people you love them because you never know if that will be the last time you see them, but it is still true.