About those plants…

A while back I wrote about how I grew up around a lot of trees and vegetables and fruit that my folks grew and about how, over the years, I’ve grown a thing or two myself. I am currently enrolled in the Master Gardener Program and I am learning a whole lot of things about plants. It’s really interesting because there are some things I have known about plants by being around them and watching them and watching what people like my parents do to keep them healthy. The things I am learning are a bit more technical and involved than the things I learned growing up and since then, but it is all very interesting and exciting to me.

Father’s Day.

Sometimes I wish I could call my Dad up and ask him about stuff going on in my life. He was a very good person to go to for advice. He was very smart. He told me so many things that I have carried with me all of these years. About working hard. About the friends I chose. About managing money. We did not always get along, I think because we are both very strong willed people. I just wish I could call him up now, but I can not. As sad as I am, I guess I am thankful that I have something to miss, even though it really hurts.

Long Time No See?

A lot of things have happened since May. My father died in May and I am still processing the loss. I got the opportunity to see him and talk to him and thank him for everything he did for me and my siblings so I am grateful for that. Every holiday since then has not been the same and his birthday was particularly difficult. I am being honest about my feelings and taking time away when I need to. I think part of that has come as a result of the process of coping with all of the things that have been happening since the pandemic.