Long Time No See?

A lot of things have happened since May. My father died in May and I am still processing the loss. I got the opportunity to see him and talk to him and thank him for everything he did for me and my siblings so I am grateful for that. Every holiday since then has not been the same and his birthday was particularly difficult. I am being honest about my feelings and taking time away when I need to. I think part of that has come as a result of the process of coping with all of the things that have been happening since the pandemic.


I’ve begun writing posts and not quite been able to bring myself to complete them. Our weather out here is getting seriously freaky, though not as bad as Nashville. We’ve had warm sunshine, heavy rain, hail and wind so heavy that trees stand sideways – in the same day. Overnight, the temps dropped to the 30s. If it wasn’t for the fact that my mother-in-law is coming to spend the summer with us (and the other fact that the oil spill is about to mess stuff up for a minute in the boot) I’d be looking at at least half a summer of hanging out down south.

I’m still reading and learning about what in the world went on with that incident in Times Square. ┬áThe surprising part to me is that something like this has not happened sooner, and that’s very sad.

This week on the radio…


The List by Sherri Lewis. We’ll be discussing the story of Michelle and her friends, upwardly mobile, Christian women who have decided to undertake the task of finding the men they have been praying for. This is the first work of Urban Christian fiction that we have read for the show, so it definitely promises to be an interesting episode.

Sisters With Sense

News, News and More News. From the fifteenth anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing to the passing of Dr. Dorothy Height to the latest on green jobs, we’ll be discussing and chatting about the latest in current events with our listeners, who ALWAYS make us think about what’s going on around us.