The return of Chocolit – A delicious possibility.

Yesterday evening I wrote notes on some books I was interested in reading and it resulted in me considering a scaled-back return to internet radio in the form of a 30 minute show where I talk about great books that I’ve read. For those who don’t know, Chocolit was a show that my sister, Ben and I created a couple of years back where we would discuss books that we (sometimes with our sister Cocoa) had read. It was a lot of fun, but their schedules no longer allowed them to participate and I was not prepared to do the work it would have taken to carry the show by myself.  I think I could execute my concept with lots of planning. We’ll see.

This week on the radio…


The List by Sherri Lewis. We’ll be discussing the story of Michelle and her friends, upwardly mobile, Christian women who have decided to undertake the task of finding the men they have been praying for. This is the first work of Urban Christian fiction that we have read for the show, so it definitely promises to be an interesting episode.

Sisters With Sense

News, News and More News. From the fifteenth anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing to the passing of Dr. Dorothy Height to the latest on green jobs, we’ll be discussing and chatting about the latest in current events with our listeners, who ALWAYS make us think about what’s going on around us.

In case you missed it. The colorism show.

Despite the heaviness of the topic (it’s sometimes referred to as black america’s open secret), we had a lot of fun on the air in the chat room discussing colorism, both in the African American community and around the world. We talked about our personal experiences, the role of discrimination in the formation of the “black elite”, the rise in intra-racial complaints at the EEOC and the fact that in other parts of the world, corporations like L’Oreal and Unilever market skin whitening creams in advertisements that overtly link the color of a person’s skin to his or her ability to land a prestigious job or win a mate (check out the video poll on the show blog). Read More »