Breakfast with Elephants.

H_Chendra-Forest-Hall-elephantThis morning, my family got up and went to a preview of the new elephant exhibit in the Oregon Zoo. It is one of the largest in the world. I went to the zoo a couple of times while the habitat was under construction but the whole thing made my jaw drop. Once we had seen the elephants we went to see the giraffes (Ms. A’s favorite) and we went home just as the throngs were arriving for the ribbon cutting and grand opening. We were more than okay with that, as none of us are fond of crowds. I took a few pictures, but the Zoo people did a much better job. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Breakfast with Elephants.

  1. I once took a road trip to Portland, and on the way there took an unexpected detour to a “Safari” which was really just a drive through zoo. But at the end, an elephant named Alice washed my car! Awesome animals. Lovely blog, btw.

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