Day 3: Lunch dates.

TandoorChef_ChickenTikkaMasala_FullThis afternoon, I had Chicken Tikka Masala fresh from the oven with my husband. He also cooked up some naan (Indian flatbread). It was really good, but the company was even better.
Date nights are kind of hard for our family to accomplish in a practical way so we meet up for lunch. We usually meet at a restaurant near his office or near our home, but this week we had lunch at home. I am thankful for this time to connect to my husband about work and other things that are going on in our lives. It helps me to remember the people we were way back when we were dating. We try to keep conversation away from the kids, but they have been known to slip into a meal or two.

Happy Birthday Dad

Today was my father’s birthday. Since my husband lost his father, I’ve tried to be as appreciative as possible of the fact that he is still here, but nothing brought that home like my dad’s episode with cancer. I am so thankful that I was able to call him on the phone, wish him a Happy Birthday and hear his voice. My dad is not perfect, but nothing puts imperfections into perspective like being faced with an illness that threatens to take someone away. cake

I’m happy…


because when I turn the faucet on, clean water comes out.

because Euna Lee and Laura Ling are with their loved ones and free.

because all of my children have shoes and clothes and food.

because I found a way to help my sister feel better when she was feeling down.

because Sunday I got a really great message about faith and so far I’ve needed it every day this week.

because it is not 108 degrees.