Family and hard times.

Last week I saw these homeless folk on tv. Some of them had grown kids and were afraid to tell them they had fallen on hard times. So they were sleeping on the street and in tents and stuff. I really wanted to talk to my folks and let them know that if they had a hardship that they could tell me and we could find some space for them. When I caught up with them, my mom was like, “Don’t worry. I have NO QUALMS about asking for help.” Just like I’d have no qualms about asking them for help if  I  needed it. What is the point of not even being able to ask family for help in times like this? I’ve heard about people being mean to friends when they hear of financial hardship (which makes them non-friends in my opinion) so maybe some folks are afraid of that from their family members, but it is so sad to me. Social standing or perceived social standing is not worth the dangers of life on the street.

HOT Friday

Tomorrow is supposed to be in the neighborhood of 104 plus degrees outside. There are all kinds of heat and fire warnings and stuff. I’m going to water down the lawn this evening and our family is going to find somewhere and sit down. And not do too much of anything. Cause that’s what you do when its that hot outside. Max was born almost two years ago in a heatwave like this. Mama was helping us out with the kids and she didn’t want to let me go anywhere cause she thought I was going to go into labor and we would all be on the news. LOLOL. Actually it turned out to be the opposite. Max wanted to spend as much time as possible in his climate controlled mom.

My mouth was moving

But my mother’s voice came out. Ugh. I think when my kids feel like they are going to be the next contestant on Let’s Push Boundaries With Mommy, one or both of my parents comes flying out of my mouth. If not the words, the mannerisms. Smh. At least they are good parents.

Max woke up at around four this morning

Which means he’s going to probably be my shadow all day or until he falls asleep. I went to work out with the trampoline and he joined me. Yep, it’s going to be an interesting day. LOL.