This morning I observed my youngest son, Max, running through the house with his father’s shoes. He looked both ways, tossed them in the laundry room, closed the door and ran off. He made extra sure to close the laundry room door so that his father would not see his shoes in the laundry room. Max has been guilty of stashing his father’s shoes in the past. I guess it’s his way of making sure his father is around when Max gets back. Wouldn’t life be great if all we had to do was hide a person’s shoes to ensure they never went away?

Outbreak 2010.

Yesterday afternoon, my youngest children came home from preschool and their bus driver was wearing a surgical mask. There were red notes attached to their backpacks. There was some kind of stomach virus exposure and they were offering tips to prevent its spread. I decided to keep my kids at home today. Why send them to school to get exposed to whatever is going around that is serious enough for red notes and surgical masks?

This meant that we had to do a lot of exploring and playing and reading and pre-schooley stuff instead of the usual them being at school and me being at home. It was a nice change of pace. I think preschool teachers must take a lot of vitamins because they have several little kids exploring and doing pre-schooley stuff at once and sometimes I feel stretched and challenged by two. LOL. I don’t mind.

Why can’t they stay small?

Sorry to interrupt Black History, but later this month, Al will be turning 13 years old. When he was little he was such a sweet, eager to please little guy. Now he thinks he is smarter than his father and I. BUT HE ISNT. Why don’t young people understand that we parents and mentors and teachers just want them to do the stuff that will help them grow and learn and be successful? Sigh.