Look at you, Washington State…

With your sunny, almost warm weather and leaf buds growing on trees. If I did not know better, I would think you were ready for Spring or something, and that you did not have a couple of feet of snow (in the low lying areas) on the ground a couple of weeks ago.

Monday Podcast 5 : On a Tuesday :)

wpid-20150424_185233.jpgSorry, but kiddie sports are in full swing around here, so podcasts complete before Wednesday are a complete win in my mind. Whether we have rain or shine somebody is off to track, soccer or gymnastics. It makes it a little more challenging to schedule work time, but it is nothing new. I still have some card stuff in the pipeline, but cards are the hardest thing for me to let go and be done with. I always see something else I can do with them or add to them and then I am not quite finished, now am I? I got some birthday discounts from the arts and craft stores so I can not wait to make good use of them on new stuff to play with. The quote of the week is by C. S. Lewis, “Life is too deep for words, so don’t try to describe it, just live it.” Living it is quite enough, don’t you think?

Podcast: Letting things grow.

wpid-20150408_065857.jpgWith all of the things that I had going on the past two weeks (Easter, Spring Break, Spring preparations, taxes, etc.), I am overjoyed that my Monday podcast has been uploaded, even if it was on Wednesday. Even if my kids make a brief appearance, too. I have done a few collages since the last one I posted. I just could not stop. I liked how this one came out.
wpid-20150411_073854.jpgThis week’s quote was a challenge for me, but in a good way. Maybe it is because sometimes, even when I have done all I can do about a people problem, I attempt to revisit that problem. I think part of it is the problem solver aspect of being a mother and part of it is pure stubbornness. This quote reminds me to let the impasses that I can not change or improve go. It is really coming in handy as my children are growing more independent, but also as my friendships are evolving.

Instagram Inspiration: White on white.

igram410Hey there! I’ve been kind of busy with Easter and Spring Break, but I am working on some really neat stuff and can’t wait to share it 🙂 I really liked this photo by Design Sponge because it says Spring and floral yet pristine, which can be the opposite of Spring with all of the rain and mud and pollen and paint and egg color and everything. I really like how this design is smooth, clean and ornate all at once.