Podcast 8: Embracing the rain.

For now, the rain has returned to my corner of the Northwest. It came back in a major way. This morning I was awakened by the sound of it pouring on the roof. I was thinking about how much I enjoy the sunshine when I remembered that the rain brings life to all of the trees, flowers, grass and vegetables I enjoy when the skies are clear.

wpid-20150601_131109.jpgMy personal life can be like that, too. This week I have been dealing with a lot of rain in terms of the conflict between my children’s need to test boundaries and my need to maintain sanity. At moments it has been a thunderstorm, but just like the vegetation, we need these episodes to grow and become the people we were created to be. If only it could be done in peace and quiet.

In the podcast I talked about the fun I had with my most recent Inspiration Wednesday Project, which will be featured in tomorrow’s post. The quote of the week is from Georgia O’Keeffe, “The days you work are the best days.” For the most part, I agree.

Podcast 7

This week we had a Monday holiday and a few days of amazing, blazing sunshine, so here is my podcast, better late than never. I shared how the process of making the get well cards proved to be a real growth process creatively. The response from the recipients made any extra effort worthwhile 🙂

podcast7The quote of the week is from a prayer written by Eleanor Roosevelt to commemorate the sacrifices of this country’s military. I thought it would be a good way to observe the recent Memorial Day holiday.

“A man died for me today
As long as there be war
I then must ask and answer
Am I worth dying for?”

Monday Podcast 5 : On a Tuesday :)

wpid-20150424_185233.jpgSorry, but kiddie sports are in full swing around here, so podcasts complete before Wednesday are a complete win in my mind. Whether we have rain or shine somebody is off to track, soccer or gymnastics. It makes it a little more challenging to schedule work time, but it is nothing new. I still have some card stuff in the pipeline, but cards are the hardest thing for me to let go and be done with. I always see something else I can do with them or add to them and then I am not quite finished, now am I? I got some birthday discounts from the arts and craft stores so I can not wait to make good use of them on new stuff to play with. The quote of the week is by C. S. Lewis, “Life is too deep for words, so don’t try to describe it, just live it.” Living it is quite enough, don’t you think?

Podcast 4: Beautiful Weather, Cardmaking and Keeping Joy

This weekend was filled with some awesome, beautiful warm Spring weather in the Northwest. Today’s weather is magnificent enough to almost make me forget it is Monday. Almost.

Last week I went to a locally owned craft shop and found a couple of things to make cards with. I am excited to be working on cards again! That aren’t necessarily headed for care packages! Well not right away. Not as far as I know. LOL. I have dusted off my copics, my watercolor markers and my watercolors and can not wait to do more with the things I found at the shop. I also can’t wait to find more things at the shop, but that goes without saying.


This week’s quote is from 26th President of the United States. “Comparison is the thief of joy.”