Moving Right Along.

Today was my family’s 26th day of social distancing ourselves. I miss my people. I miss meeting new people. I miss my old routines. I miss my children’s old routines that were a part of my routines. I know that someone is being helped because we are not going to all of the places we usually would go (maybe that someone is us), but yesterday and today have been the days when I have had to give myself some grace because I have had to have a few moments of silence and prayer and grief and breathing and writing my thoughts down about things I need to change so I don’t find myself feeling this way the next time my life goes through a major disruption.

My old passport.

I took one last look at it before I put it away. I thought about the person I was back then and how I can be kinder to the person in my new passport because I cannot love anyone else well unless I love myself well.

Podcast 8: Embracing the rain.

For now, the rain has returned to my corner of the Northwest. It came back in a major way. This morning I was awakened by the sound of it pouring on the roof. I was thinking about how much I enjoy the sunshine when I remembered that the rain brings life to all of the trees, flowers, grass and vegetables I enjoy when the skies are clear.

wpid-20150601_131109.jpgMy personal life can be like that, too. This week I have been dealing with a lot of rain in terms of the conflict between my children’s need to test boundaries and my need to maintain sanity. At moments it has been a thunderstorm, but just like the vegetation, we need these episodes to grow and become the people we were created to be. If only it could be done in peace and quiet.

In the podcast I talked about the fun I had with my most recent Inspiration Wednesday Project, which will be featured in tomorrow’s post. The quote of the week is from Georgia O’Keeffe, “The days you work are the best days.” For the most part, I agree.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

2015-03-12I was on one of my field trips to the craft store when I saw this piece of paper. It spoke to so many things I am seeking to accomplish these days (at the same time). I am so excited about the new doors and far less excited (and sometimes intimidated/afraid) about the work involved in building them. I really hope that I do not let it stop me. Most days it feels like I won’t but some days, it is much easier to throw in the towel, hammer, and door making supplies 🙂