Hello, Summer!!

I had a very light jacket, sunblock and a hat blocking out the sun on my walk today, and I am on the hunt for shaved ice. Yesterday I made and bottled simple syrup to have on hand for lemonade, limeade, tea, etc. I almost can not believe that I had a coat on last weekend in the cold, cold rain, but I should be glad it was not snow because that has happened in June in the Pacific Northwest.

Today is the second day of summer

and the sun was out when I woke up and then it went to hide behind some clouds until about five seconds ago (it’s almost 5pm). My kids are officially out of school, but I have a planner and I’m not afraid to use it. I also have a zoo pass, a library card, and backup plans to go to the coast or the mountains, should the weather be just spectacularly good. With all of these plans, backups and provisions, I just know I am going to be ready to dance in the streets on September 7, 2011, when school begins again and I get my mommy time back. Sigh.