cauliflower - nom nom paleoSometimes I get these cauliflower products or recipes and they are delicious, like cauliflower pizza crust. Sometimes, though, even with my best culinary attempts, the best I can come up with is well roasted, seasoned, tasty, well, cauliflower. Today was a yummy, roasted, cheesy cauliflower day. There was a time when I would have tried to force myself to taste something that was not there, denying to the end that it tasted like what it was because there had to have been something wrong with me when there is nothing wrong. Sometimes cauliflower tastes like what it is. It can’t taste stellar all of the time, can it? I wish it could, but would I recognize the pizza deliciousness if it was all that I had? Maybe life is like that, too.

Peonies and Roses

When I go to the health store to get my multivitamins, I get a nice bar of soap or two. They are shea butter enriched and hand milled with all kinds of yummy ingredients. I usually get cucumber and green tea soap, but this time I got one rose petal and one peony. They smell soooo good and the shea leaves the skin clean yet soft. They are just a little bathroom indulgence for me, especially good for smelling like a girl after a tough workout. Washing off the muck and mire life and all its trappings can bring (not to mention the sweat one works up dealing with toddlers), and coming out smelling like a rose. Or a peony. Especially on Fridays.