cauliflower - nom nom paleoSometimes I get these cauliflower products or recipes and they are delicious, like cauliflower pizza crust. Sometimes, though, even with my best culinary attempts, the best I can come up with is well roasted, seasoned, tasty, well, cauliflower. Today was a yummy, roasted, cheesy cauliflower day. There was a time when I would have tried to force myself to taste something that was not there, denying to the end that it tasted like what it was because there had to have been something wrong with me when there is nothing wrong. Sometimes cauliflower tastes like what it is. It can’t taste stellar all of the time, can it? I wish it could, but would I recognize the pizza deliciousness if it was all that I had? Maybe life is like that, too.

Time to plant stuff.

tomatoplantMy life has blossomed into one great big to-do list. The kids are getting bigger so now they have more stuff and the stuff they had is more involved (and complicated – I have two teenagers now. Yikes). My mother-in-law is going to join us in March for five months. I am trying to squeeze in work on myself and the successful implementation of that, so there is not much time left and when I sit to share what has been going on in my world (via this blog), various things have been popping up to demand my attention. I’d expect to be more stressed than I am, given the number of directions my focus has been divided, but I know that the work I am doing has a purpose.  This year, I’ll also be doing a garden. I know you’re thinking, “Didn’t she just say she had an out-of-control to-do list?” I do. I just figure it’s going to be a busy Summer no matter what, so I may as well have some fresh, healthy, affordable organic vegetables and herbs with my meals. 🙂

Crock pot!

My husband is under the weather today, so I put some ingredients in the crock pot to make a nice soup for when he gets home. Man, those onions and other aromatics have started to warm up and the house smells SO GOOD. It’s reminding me of when my mom would start up a pot roast or red beans and rice or something in the crock pot. They have come a long way (different sizes, spillproof lids, stainless steel, etc.) since then but they are still so great. Just put some ingredients in a pot in the morning and come back to a meal. Yum!

Asparagus for breakfast.

This is one of my favorite foods in the entire world. I really enjoy it when it is available locally. I steam it or roast it and all of that good stuff. I can eat it for any meal on any day. To me, it’s just the right combination of being healthy and tasting healthy and tasting good. I think the texture has something to do with it because I really like fresh green beans in the same way.