Moving Right Along.

Today was my family’s 26th day of social distancing ourselves. I miss my people. I miss meeting new people. I miss my old routines. I miss my children’s old routines that were a part of my routines. I know that someone is being helped because we are not going to all of the places we usually would go (maybe that someone is us), but yesterday and today have been the days when I have had to give myself some grace because I have had to have a few moments of silence and prayer and grief and breathing and writing my thoughts down about things I need to change so I don’t find myself feeling this way the next time my life goes through a major disruption.

Day three – 2014

Today’s life lesson:

When you are a person who embraces light, people are attracted to you. Some of them want a part of the light in their lives, but others want to diminish or extinguish that light. Be truthful about who is who, and proceed accordingly.