Monday Podcast 5 : On a Tuesday :)

wpid-20150424_185233.jpgSorry, but kiddie sports are in full swing around here, so podcasts complete before Wednesday are a complete win in my mind. Whether we have rain or shine somebody is off to track, soccer or gymnastics. It makes it a little more challenging to schedule work time, but it is nothing new. I still have some card stuff in the pipeline, but cards are the hardest thing for me to let go and be done with. I always see something else I can do with them or add to them and then I am not quite finished, now am I? I got some birthday discounts from the arts and craft stores so I can not wait to make good use of them on new stuff to play with. The quote of the week is by C. S. Lewis, “Life is too deep for words, so don’t try to describe it, just live it.” Living it is quite enough, don’t you think?

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