2014 Day 97: Authentic Spring

Yesterday was a beautiful, warm day. It was the kind of day where it was okay to be doing yard work, because it was just so pleasant. Now if we could get the pollen count down jussst a little. Bleah.

Spring Break: Day Six – Daring to dream/Happy Easter.

Happy Easter everybody! The winter of 2011-12 has been hanging onto the Pacific Northwest like a stalker ex-boyfriend. We had snow, ice and frost in March, well after the first day of Spring. This morning, the sun came out and warmed things to the tune of 60 degrees!! Maybe we’ll be able to venture out and enjoy more of the mountains and even the coast this Summer. The kids and I had a pretty good time during most of the break and I got things done and cleaned. Not nearly as much as I wanted, but way more than last year, and that’s saying something because last year I had the carpets steamed before my mother’s visit. Good times, good times.

Spring really IS here.

I’m sorry, but for the past couple of years we have had these freaky spring summer combinations with snow in April (not in the mountains mind you, but down here in the valley), coat-worthy-and-ski-season-still-going Independence Days and the like. This year, however, we’ve had several sightings of that orb in the sky with a golden appearance. I believe it’s called the Sun. Of course this means that I’m completely behind on my gardening (in anticipation of one of those six month winters), but I’ll catch up 🙂

Now THAT’s a flowerbed!

Someday, if I work really hard… and save up my money for a landscaper, YEAH. LOL. My azaleas and rhododendrons are back in action, and there may even be hope for my miniature tea roses, but maybe I’ll put something in there. In the past I’ve had daisies and other stuff, but maybe something different this year. Hmmm. First I have to weed and redo the soil. Then I get my plants and it’s on to the veggies!