Spring Break: Day Six – Daring to dream/Happy Easter.

Happy Easter everybody! The winter of 2011-12 has been hanging onto the Pacific Northwest like a stalker ex-boyfriend. We had snow, ice and frost in March, well after the first day of Spring. This morning, the sun came out and warmed things to the tune of 60 degrees!! Maybe we’ll be able to venture out and enjoy more of the mountains and even the coast this Summer. The kids and I had a pretty good time during most of the break and I got things done and cleaned. Not nearly as much as I wanted, but way more than last year, and that’s saying something because last year I had the carpets steamed before my mother’s visit. Good times, good times.

Easter Recap.

Easter started off rainy and cold, but it was still really nice. I had intended to make two cakes with my brunch – triple ginger pound cake and lemon chiffon, but by the time I completed my triple ginger pound cake. I thought one was good. I got the opportunity to introduce my church friends to my mom (and some of their moms – you know how Easter can be), so it was really great for me. I could introduce everybody on the planet to my mother because I think she’s so great. Have you ever seen the movie Hanging Up when Meg Ryan’s character hits this Dr.’s car and the Dr. makes her call his mother and she’s this nurturing presence who just loves and takes care of folks? That’s the kind of mother I have. The kids ate plenty of candy and really enjoyed themselves (Max discovered that he shares a love of peeps with his grandmother, which is good, because that means fewer have to cross my path, just sayin).

Bologna Sandwich Life.

This Easter, our pastor really gave us a message to think about. He talked about how churches used to have these big picnics where members would bring food and share and fellowship (of course, this still happens in the South). He said that some of us would scrape the fungus off our last piece of bologna and make a sandwich lunch and there would be a grandmother there who is used to cooking for a large family, so she has a table set up with a fried chicken dinner for at least four people with all the trimmings, beverages and dessert. She’d wave us over and offer to share lunch with us. He said that God was like that grandmother, that He wants to share the abundance that He has, in exchange for our sandwich lunch life that could not possibly be of value to Him, but what do we do? We say, “I know what you want. You want my bologna sandwich, but you can’t have it.” How stupid is that? Yet I could think of so many times when I’ve done just that.

Happy Easter!!

Unless I run into some knock out piece of wardrobery between now and tomorrow, I think I’ll be shopping in my closet. I REALLY like these shoes, though (no big surprise there, I know). They remind me of the classic Easter outfits I saw growing up and I think they would pair well with a lot of the contemporary styles I’ve seen. We’re going to do a nice little brunch after church (no egg hunts at home, but you never know where we could end up. last year we did a couple of egg hunts in the area). I’ve got some cute surprise toys for the younger kids and candy for everybody. I love Easter, even if the past few I’ve had out here have been a bit frigid. It’s warm in my heart. LOL.