Standing out in a crowd.

I know that my wardrobe is pretty kid-friendly these days, but once upon a time I used to own some daring stuff. Every once in a while, I come across something that defies anything I could even dream up. These shoes just look impossible to me. They don’t even look uncomfortable. They look like there is no way anybody can stand, much less walk, in them. I’m still intrigued slightly, though, because I know I would NEVER forget seeing the person that ventures to wear them in public. I’m pretty sure I would not forget the spill the person wearing them would take, but don’t worry, I would have run out of harm’s way. 🙂 Little A is looking over my shoulder, and very interested as I type this post. I hope that she knows that there is no way she can wear these in her teenage years.

Hello Fall.

The sunshine woke me up, but there was a briskness in the air that informed me that Autumn was on its way. Maybe it’s me, but the Summer fruits don’t taste as sweet with the lingering hint of coolness in the air. It’s okay though, because the foods of the next season are really tasty. I think these shoes are nice transitions into the cold weather (which around here means till mid-November). Of course after that it would be too cold and wet to enjoy them, but I know I’d have some great memories 🙂