Hello Fall.

The sunshine woke me up, but there was a briskness in the air that informed me that Autumn was on its way. Maybe it’s me, but the Summer fruits don’t taste as sweet with the lingering hint of coolness in the air. It’s okay though, because the foods of the next season are really tasty. I think these shoes are nice transitions into the cold weather (which around here means till mid-November). Of course after that it would be too cold and wet to enjoy them, but I know I’d have some great memories 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hello Fall.

  1. I got up this morning to go to breakfast and put on my little sundress and went outside and it was cold as all get out! Well maybe not cold but for a place where it’s been over 100 for the entire summer (new record), wind blowing hard is cold!

    And you’ll have to blog more about these upcoming yummy foods because I went to buy some fruit today and almost cried at the selection. The time between peach season and apple season is harsh mane!

  2. I’ll blog about what I encounter at the farmer’s market this weekend. We have a LONG apple season out there, but there are plenty of other things around.

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