14,000 shoes

Trey Sherman/NBC

on the capital lawn represent 7000 children who have died in this country since the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012. It is really effective because it conveys that, for the most part, there are 7000 people who should still be going to school and growing up and growing strong and learning things and preparing for the future and being the future. But they have been killed by gun violence. Several of my family members have served in the military. I grew up in a red state where people hunted and it was not uncommon to have a house full of guns. As a mother and a human being who loves other human beings, I find the fact that all of these children have lost their lives in this manner (and the gun lobby’s ownership of ANY politician, regardless of party) completely unacceptable.

Nine years ago…

I wrote about Janet Bath during Black History Month. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of her graduation from Howard Medical School, a scholarship has been established in her honor. Here is more information about her accomplishments.



Rain (2018)

Everybody is settling in for the night and I am listening to rain fall on the roof, into the gutters and downspouts. I think the shape of the roof amplifies the sound, but I do not mind. I have always been a fan of rainy weather. I have some books to return to the library in the morning, and I really like the idea of cold rain much more than I like the idea of being in it.


I have got to do something to turn around these Mondays because they set the tone for the rest of my week and honestly, after these first two, I just want to cancel everything and stay in the house for the rest of the year.