Last night the kids and I had a really tough time staying asleep. This morning I found out that there was a 3.9 magnitude quake late last night near Mt. St. Helens. I want to shake some things up, not be shaken up in the process.


  1. relating to the identification of long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them.
    “the company should take strategic actions to cope with fundamental changes in the environment”
    synonyms: planned, calculatedtacticalpoliticaljudiciousprudentshrewd

    “his lawyers were known for their strategic defense methods”

Hello 2018. Meet my word for the year. Inhale. Exhale. Here we go.

Day 60. Hi August, you sure are hot.

Today we got a taste of the extra Summer warmth coming to our area this week. It is a time for extra water, iced tea, lemonade and popsicles and extra water. And sitting still whenever possible. Eleven years ago we had a heat wave like this and I was extremely pregnant, like due in a week pregnant, so I know things could be more uncomfortable.

Day 57. Larkspur sketch.

I have not completely given up the 100 day project despite a lot of fits and starts. I have posted quite a few of these on IG. With each project I am learning more and more so I am thankful that I am still making progress.