Just when I thought I couldn’t get busier.

Lately my life has become a series of appointments and transactions. Things have become so hectic that I found myself making appointments with myself. On a Sunday. I’m so thankful that I know I am making progress and that the finish line (well the first big one) is a little over a month down the road.


fireSaturday morning a few things that have not exactly gone well for me for the past couple of weeks swirled around and around in my head and right before I exploded, I obliterated just about any weed that considered growing in my back yard, I cleaned out my closet and played with the idea of painting some stuff. The biggest issue will most likely not be completely resolved for a couple of months, so my Spring cleaning is about to be completed on levels I could not have imagined. In January. Sigh. Onward.


rainrainWhen it rains, it pours. My life has been a deluge for the past year and a half. I am sliding through the mud of what used to be my everyday existence. Even with rubber boots some days I completely fall on my behind and all I can do is get where I need to go, throw the muddy clothes in the washer, hop in the shower and try it again. There are some days like today when I am thankful for people who remind me that I am not alone, and I am encouraged to continue this process which feels like a chrysalis, breaking me down and building me up all at the same time.