The view from my window.

Today marks the first time in a while that I could just sit down for a little while and look out of my window. It also marks one of the few days recently that the sun has been out. My kids are wrapping up their first fully remote semester of school and they have learned and accomplished a lot considering that. Before all of this, they had done home schooling, but this has been somewhat different, especially in light of all of the other closures and social distancing. Sometimes I hope that we can adjust to being around people again when it is safer and things go back to, um, more normal (?) Some days, I know we all mourn the loss of the way things were before, but today I will be thankful for the progress and the sunshine.


Emerald Isle. Cross Lake. Shreveport, LA.

It is difficult for me to believe that Saturday is going to be the 4th of July. My life is unrecognizable when I attempt to look back twelve months, much less 18 or 24. I still have hope. I still have joy. But so much is so different. I am truly sorry for the things I took for granted, but with each quiet moment I am making peace with permanent losses so I can be prepared for the opportunities that I know lie ahead.


What cause are you fighting for?

Life is short. When I think about all of the energy that people invest into negativity, it just seems more important to me to try harder to help someone else. There are so many people out there who need help and hope.

Cloudy Day Inspiration (Smile).

It’s a cloudy day outside and in my life, but I know the sun is coming back. When I think about all of the love and positive people in my life and how much I’ve been blessed and able to share what I’ve been given with others, I just have to smile. This video is for anybody who may need some inspiration (you have to get past the opening skit, but it’s worth it). Have a great weekend.