I have been blessed to have witnessed the existence and practice and maintenance of great faith. When I was younger it was a consequence of my circumstances. When I began to grow up, I started to seek it for myself.

Now all I have to do is continually strive to live it out in the midst of my vast imperfections. In a world full of other flawed individuals. That’s all.


The great thing about forgiveness, to me is the more I receive, the more I want to share it with others. I am sorry that it has taken me the greatest amount of time and effort to learn to forgive myself, but I am thankful that it is possible and becoming easier with time.


I am thankful for all of my friends, old and new. I was so blessed to share this evening with some of my favorite people I am not related to, my sorority sisters. They are all wonderful, dynamic beautiful human beings. We don’t always have agreement but we always have respect and that’s what friends are for.