The Cottage.

My kids’ school is doing block scheduling for now. I think that a lot of the students and parents felt it would be an easier way to process remote learning. I hope it works out for the most people, but I think that new routines are often challenging. One of my goals for this year has been to find a plan for a cottage that I want to build on my parents’ property so that my kids and I can spend more time with them and my family once COVID is over, or at least under control (according to the experts) and truly travel friendly. I think I have found the plan. This is a sketch of it.

The view from my window.

Today marks the first time in a while that I could just sit down for a little while and look out of my window. It also marks one of the few days recently that the sun has been out. My kids are wrapping up their first fully remote semester of school and they have learned and accomplished a lot considering that. Before all of this, they had done home schooling, but this has been somewhat different, especially in light of all of the other closures and social distancing. Sometimes I hope that we can adjust to being around people again when it is safer and things go back to, um, more normal (?) Some days, I know we all mourn the loss of the way things were before, but today I will be thankful for the progress and the sunshine.

Happy Epiphany!

King cake season has begun. In other news, the US capitol was stormed for the first time since 1812 in the effort to disregard the votes of most of the people who voted in a legitimate election after the president spread information he knew was false. I think I would rather focus on the king cake.


Today was one of the rainiest days I have seen in all of the two decades and change I have spent in the state of Washington. If you know anything about how much it rains here, you know that is a lot. I hope that I feel invigorated or at least more enthusiastic in my attack of my to-do list in the morning or the afternoon or the following morning..