Bologna Sandwich Life.

This Easter, our pastor really gave us a message to think about. He talked about how churches used to have these big picnics where members would bring food and share and fellowship (of course, this still happens in the South). He said that some of us would scrape the fungus off our last piece of bologna and make a sandwich lunch and there would be a grandmother there who is used to cooking for a large family, so she has a table set up with a fried chicken dinner for at least four people with all the trimmings, beverages and dessert. She’d wave us over and offer to share lunch with us. He said that God was like that grandmother, that He wants to share the abundance that He has, in exchange for our sandwich lunch life that could not possibly be of value to Him, but what do we do? We say, “I know what you want. You want my bologna sandwich, but you can’t have it.” How stupid is that? Yet I could think of so many times when I’ve done just that.

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