Easter Recap.

Easter started off rainy and cold, but it was still really nice. I had intended to make two cakes with my brunch – triple ginger pound cake and lemon chiffon, but by the time I completed my triple ginger pound cake. I thought one was good. I got the opportunity to introduce my church friends to my mom (and some of their moms – you know how Easter can be), so it was really great for me. I could introduce everybody on the planet to my mother because I think she’s so great. Have you ever seen the movie Hanging Up when Meg Ryan’s character hits this Dr.’s car and the Dr. makes her call his mother and she’s this nurturing presence who just loves and takes care of folks? That’s the kind of mother I have. The kids ate plenty of candy and really enjoyed themselves (Max discovered that he shares a love of peeps with his grandmother, which is good, because that means fewer have to cross my path, just sayin).

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