Podcast: Letting things grow.

wpid-20150408_065857.jpgWith all of the things that I had going on the past two weeks (Easter, Spring Break, Spring preparations, taxes, etc.), I am overjoyed that my Monday podcast has been uploaded, even if it was on Wednesday. Even if my kids make a brief appearance, too. I have done a few collages since the last one I posted. I just could not stop. I liked how this one came out.
wpid-20150411_073854.jpgThis week’s quote was a challenge for me, but in a good way. Maybe it is because sometimes, even when I have done all I can do about a people problem, I attempt to revisit that problem. I think part of it is the problem solver aspect of being a mother and part of it is pure stubbornness. This quote reminds me to let the impasses that I can not change or improve go. It is really coming in handy as my children are growing more independent, but also as my friendships are evolving.