Art Collaboration – Part four

20141129_190522 (2)This week I am adding words to my piece. Since we have already done texture, color and subject, a big part of this step is finding somewhere to put words. I thought my most serious obstacle to overcome would be choosing the best words, but with all of the activity involved with Thanksgiving, my biggest challenge has been sitting still long enough to get things done.

Getting ready for December

Can you believe that Nablopomo is coming to an end? I have had such a great learning experience that I have decided to continue with the posts, though I will most likely take one or both weekend days off. I feel like the challenge of creating content on a daily basis has really helped me in my writing.

One batch down,

And one to go. Today has been one of those days when I feel like more than one day has taken place. One of my card batches is just about done and then I have one more to complete. Then it is on to dinner and our other adventures.
Yesterday I learned that I need to be more aware and appreciative of the people who help me. I thought I had learned that lesson, but I found myself learning it again. Sigh.