Art Collaboration Part 5 B – Embellishment with friends.

20141213_070057This is my piece (I did the same texture as I did for the butterfly piece) for the Christmas gift project I worked on with some of my friends (the butterfly piece was where I worked out ideas and used extra paint). I really love this piece that was created with me in mind. I also love, even more, how each of our choices resulted in beautiful and wonderful gifts.

Art Collaboration part 5 – embellishment


This is the final week of this piece, embellishment. I added liquid pearls. I am going to miss working on it, so I am going to have to start another one soon. I am going to be working on projects with my children and completing the December Daily book so I am not sure just when it will be. I just hope it will be soon, as I have enjoyed this immensely. 

Art Collaboration – Part four

20141129_190522 (2)This week I am adding words to my piece. Since we have already done texture, color and subject, a big part of this step is finding somewhere to put words. I thought my most serious obstacle to overcome would be choosing the best words, but with all of the activity involved with Thanksgiving, my biggest challenge has been sitting still long enough to get things done.

Art Collaboration – Part Three

20141120_045408This week I am dealing with subject/interest. I added some butterflies and dragonflies, but I am still moving them around and playing with different ideas of where to put how many so this may look far different next week. My color gift worked out really well. The gift I am working with subject on was a risky piece, so I tried to keep with that theme. I hope my choices paid off. I know that doing this kind of work with different projects is good for my development because I have to be flexible as I try to keep my work in context with the other work and the gift recipient’s preferences. I’ve been friends with these people for a few years, so I think I’ve been listening and picking up on things correctly.