Art Collaboration – Part four

20141129_190522 (2)This week I am adding words to my piece. Since we have already done texture, color and subject, a big part of this step is finding somewhere to put words. I thought my most serious obstacle to overcome would be choosing the best words, but with all of the activity involved with Thanksgiving, my biggest challenge has been sitting still long enough to get things done.

Art Collaboration – Part Three

20141120_045408This week I am dealing with subject/interest. I added some butterflies and dragonflies, but I am still moving them around and playing with different ideas of where to put how many so this may look far different next week. My color gift worked out really well. The gift I am working with subject on was a risky piece, so I tried to keep with that theme. I hope my choices paid off. I know that doing this kind of work with different projects is good for my development because I have to be flexible as I try to keep my work in context with the other work and the gift recipient’s preferences. I’ve been friends with these people for a few years, so I think I’ve been listening and picking up on things correctly.

Art Collaboration – Part Two

colorcollabI have completed my color part of the project and it was better than I expected. I had this whole ombré thing in the back of my head and I ended up having to ditch it because the way the piece was put together dictated something completely different so I went with that and the colors came out beautifully. For next week, my mission will be adding subject/interest to a piece, then words, then embellishment, which I am really looking forward to. This project is a lot of fun because I get to express my creativity while putting together something really special for my friends. I think the part where I am trying to choose what is the best gift for my friends is the most challenging part, but it will also be incredibly rewarding to get it right.

Art Collaboration – Part One

20141106_205309A group of friends and I have started working on a collaboration. Week by week we’ll be adding an element to each other’s multi-media pieces until each of us has a piece that everyone has added her special touch to, as a Christmas present. The first week was texture. I added fiber paste and a little color to a piece of canvas board coated with gesso. I can’t wait to see how it ends up and I can’t wait to add things like color and embellishment to the other pieces.

This week was really tough for me, but the process of starting an art project or a craft project, especially one that will ultimately be a gift gives me energy and hope like few other experiences can. There have been months and years when I did not find the time to do things like this and now I feel like I can’t find the time not to.