Inspiration Wednesday 13: Meanwhile behind the scenes…

iwed13I have been managing to journal, paint or stamp something most of the days during this break and that is huge progress for me. I have also been reading and learning a LOT about different creative techniques and where I want to go with all of the journaling, stamping/cardmaking and painting I have been doing this Summer. My most recent Inspiration Wednesday project was a collage with some paint, gesso, glaze and washi tape. I usually start on them as soon as they are available, but I put this one off for a few days and then everything I ended up using came together. I wish this could happen with every piece I worked on, but I am hugely thankful to be learning which ones I can take my time with and which ones I need to complete at once.

Inspiration Wednesday: Another collage

iwed10This inspiration Wednesday was a black and white collage (with a little color) topped with white and black paint. I enjoy putting together collages because I can just see a piece of paper with a nice font or graphic and if it goes with what I’m doing, I add it. I found a few things lying around like that while I was working on this. I used advertisments, papers, newspapers, whatever I thought would work. I see the next one that I do having far more color and dimension, maybe even some glitter. Can’t wait!

Inspiration Wednesday 3: Time Management, the Pot and the Kettle

wpid-20150215_082800.jpgI told you you would not recognize it! Saturday I completed my most recent Inspiration Wednesday piece. When I did my first project, I was a bit bummed about the fact that the fact that the new pieces come out every other Wednesday. Now, I am super thankful for that cushion of time because I feel like I am in a mad dash to keep all kinds of balls, saucers and everything else in the air. Of course, I am also teaching my son the importance of being organized with his time. I want to warn him against becoming the cautionary tale that is his mother but I do not want to freak him out too badly.

Inspiration Wednesday: Mardi Gras, Rainbows and Dry Wall Tape

There is no shortage of color inspiration in Louisiana, especially during Carnival season. Last week, the kids and I went to a ball in my sister’s honor and it was a feast for the senses. From the decorations to the costumes to the beads, I should be in the craft zone for months to come 🙂



This is phase one of my latest Inspiration Wednesday. I found myself at Home Depot picking a couple of things up (I had no idea they stocked Mod Podge – when did that happen?) There is a pretty good chance you will not recognize it when I’m done, but that’s the fun of art, isn’t it?