Inspiration Wednesday 13: Meanwhile behind the scenes…

iwed13I have been managing to journal, paint or stamp something most of the days during this break and that is huge progress for me. I have also been reading and learning a LOT about different creative techniques and where I want to go with all of the journaling, stamping/cardmaking and painting I have been doing this Summer. My most recent Inspiration Wednesday project was a collage with some paint, gesso, glaze and washi tape. I usually start on them as soon as they are available, but I put this one off for a few days and then everything I ended up using came together. I wish this could happen with every piece I worked on, but I am hugely thankful to be learning which ones I can take my time with and which ones I need to complete at once.

Paint, Glaze and Patience.

wpid-20150424_184751.jpgI completed my most recent Inspiration Wednesday project yesterday. It had three layers of glaze, super heavy gesso, wooden letters, and a whole lot of paint. The layers were a bit thicker than usual, which led to more drying time and the shift in our weather from beautifully warm to gray, rainy cold did not help in that department. The extra time was a huge opportunity for things to come together and I am completely happy with the result.

Inspiration Wednesday on Saturday

wpid-20150221_145735.jpgI completed my Inspiration Wednesday piece today. I took a lot of liberties, but I like the way it came out. I think the weather helped motivate me. It was the kind of sunny day that almost made me completely forget that it is still Winter. Tuesday was beautiful in the same way and I went on a long walk and talk with one of my friends. We caught up over six miles of brisk walking. The fact that I get exercise for fun now (with friends and family) makes me smile more than this weather.

My latest project – Conclusion

wpid-20150206_202007.jpgHere is my project with the heavy gesso, a little more glaze, modeling paste and India ink splatters. I enjoyed making them and I am pleased with the results, but I know I will be revisiting this because there are a few pieces I want to try with along with different colors and textures. wpid-20150206_201746.jpg