Inspiration Wednesday on Saturday

wpid-20150221_145735.jpgI completed my Inspiration Wednesday piece today. I took a lot of liberties, but I like the way it came out. I think the weather helped motivate me. It was the kind of sunny day that almost made me completely forget that it is still Winter. Tuesday was beautiful in the same way and I went on a long walk and talk with one of my friends. We caught up over six miles of brisk walking. The fact that I get exercise for fun now (with friends and family) makes me smile more than this weather.

Almost as good as cookies.

wpid-20141108_002614.jpgI am getting ready to work on phase two of my art collaboration project from yesterday’s post: color. I welcome the challenge of this phase because I have my ideas for color, but I want to be respectful of the texture elements. I mean, what is the point of creating texture if it’s going to be completely destroyed by color? That’s not a collaboration, well at least not to me. Meanwhile, I’m putting things together so I can knock out these holiday crafts (and photographs) in the next two weeks. I am going to be working on a lot of autumn leaves for the Thanksgiving projects and some of everything for Christmas (stamps, die cuts, Copic Markers, and tons of embellishments, because, hey, what is the point of making Christmas cards without stuff that sparkles?).