Get Well Soon Cards.

getwell (3)One of my good friends had an accident and broke her vertebrae this week and my sister had surgery this week. I hope they continue on the road to recovery and I made them cards with my Technique Tuesday stamps and Copics. I saw the idea on Sandy Allnock’s blog, but I decided to use the Copics to get more practice. I definitely plan to get my hands on some Zig Clean Color markers in the very near future.

Putting it all together.

IMG_20141121_194146I have been making cards for myself (and helping the kids with theirs) for years. I thought I had learned a lot, but in the past twelve months, I feel like I have learned exponentially where I had been learning additionally. I am still playing with, working with and adding to my portfolio the things I learned at my Copic class and that was almost a month ago. One of the things that really excites me is how I can try something out with this art collaboration and then turn around and apply an aspect to paper crafting. I love the way things can meld together now in terms of mixed media crafting and art. Here are some of the ideas on my Christmas Card drawing board. Stay tuned.

Day 319: Authenticity @ work

thankscard2I’m doing the last of my Autumn/Thanksgiving cards. I have my eye on some stamps and stuff for next year 🙂 Thanksgiving preparations are almost complete. My menu is done and I’ll be picking up everything I can in the coming week. I want the day to be a pleasant and memorable one for the whole family, so I am really trying to include dishes that are each person’s favorites. I think that in the past I was so focused on recreating the meal I grew up with that it was not necessarily the best one for my family. The goal this year is not perfection, but a happy moment that everyone can treasure. Then it will be time to get ready for Christmas.

Day 314: Thankful, Authentic and Resolute.

wpid-20141110_090822.jpgMost days I wake up thankful for all of the great things in my life (especially the fact that I have a life). Lately, though, I have been feeling really driven to get things done above and beyond my normal to do list and that is saying something. I haven’t felt this motivated since I was expecting Miss A. I bricked and planted the flowerbed in the front of the house, painted most of the interior of the house, and did a lot of other things to get ready for her arrival (which might explain her personality – she is a little whirlwindy at times). Maybe I have a new sense of urgency because these recent losses have shown me how precious my time on Earth really is. My Thanksgiving themed cards are coming along. I made this one with a piece of Taj Mahal stack paper form DCWV, some Technique Tuesday Autumn stamps and a few other things I had in my stash. I have never given out Thanksgiving cards before. Are they a new thing? I don’t remember them growing up. My folks just invited people over, and we’d have a whole lot of visitors throughout the day.