Day 319: Authenticity @ work

thankscard2I’m doing the last of my Autumn/Thanksgiving cards. I have my eye on some stamps and stuff for next year 🙂 Thanksgiving preparations are almost complete. My menu is done and I’ll be picking up everything I can in the coming week. I want the day to be a pleasant and memorable one for the whole family, so I am really trying to include dishes that are each person’s favorites. I think that in the past I was so focused on recreating the meal I grew up with that it was not necessarily the best one for my family. The goal this year is not perfection, but a happy moment that everyone can treasure. Then it will be time to get ready for Christmas.

Dear washi tape,

Where have you been all my life?? While working on my art journal (which I promise to share after I complete it, which may be by the end of the Summer), I have rediscovered some things and found some things that made me wonder, where was I to miss out on this? Washi tape is one of them. One of my art journal friends had this patterned shipping tape and I was like, where did you get this and she was like tar-jay and I was like must get to there.  Of course, when I find something that I like, I have to find out everything I can about it and this tape was no different. It must be hot because I’ve found patterned duct tape and vintage tape all over the web and several paper crafting brands have created versions. There are even markers specifically created to draw on the tape! I know this information will come in handy! Have a great weekend.