Day 314: Thankful, Authentic and Resolute.

wpid-20141110_090822.jpgMost days I wake up thankful for all of the great things in my life (especially the fact that I have a life). Lately, though, I have been feeling really driven to get things done above and beyond my normal to do list and that is saying something. I haven’t felt this motivated since I was expecting Miss A. I bricked and planted the flowerbed in the front of the house, painted most of the interior of the house, and did a lot of other things to get ready for her arrival (which might explain her personality – she is a little whirlwindy at times). Maybe I have a new sense of urgency because these recent losses have shown me how precious my time on Earth really is. My Thanksgiving themed cards are coming along. I made this one with a piece of Taj Mahal stack paper form DCWV, some Technique Tuesday Autumn stamps and a few other things I had in my stash. I have never given out Thanksgiving cards before. Are they a new thing? I don’t remember them growing up. My folks just invited people over, and we’d have a whole lot of visitors throughout the day.

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