Paint, Glaze and Patience.

wpid-20150424_184751.jpgI completed my most recent Inspiration Wednesday project yesterday. It had three layers of glaze, super heavy gesso, wooden letters, and a whole lot of paint. The layers were a bit thicker than usual, which led to more drying time and the shift in our weather from beautifully warm to gray, rainy cold did not help in that department. The extra time was a huge opportunity for things to come together and I am completely happy with the result.

My latest project.

wpid-20150122_200529.jpgI am doing Donna Downey’s Inspiration Wednesday class because I really enjoy watching her work, I like the pace of the group (one new lesson every two weeks) and it helps me focus on learning new techniques and actually using them for the coming year :). I am working on a couple of pieces with these items, paint, glaze, gel medium and super heavy gesso, which is extra thick and fun to play with.