My latest project – Conclusion

wpid-20150206_202007.jpgHere is my project with the heavy gesso, a little more glaze, modeling paste and India ink splatters. I enjoyed making them and I am pleased with the results, but I know I will be revisiting this because there are a few pieces I want to try with along with different colors and textures. wpid-20150206_201746.jpg

My latest project – part 2

wpid-20150124_185304.jpg wpid-20150124_185333.jpg

I started with a couple of pieces of cardboard, gesso, collaged the papers with gel medium and mixed some acrylic paint and glaze for the phase you are looking at. Next stop: super heavy gesso, which is always a pleasure, more acrylic paint and glaze and india ink for splatter effect. Maybe even some of of that modeling paste, too. I think I am going to do this project again because as I do it I am seeing things I want to do differently, try and add based on the finished pieces of some of the other people doing the projects.