November 7: Coloring Books.

photo (2b)In order to keep myself in a creative frame of mind, I try to do something creative every day. Some days that is sketching or practicing on lettering. Other days involve painting or creating something. Today I did some coloring in an adult coloring book. I gave myself the opportunity to just grab some markers and fill up some space and rest so that at the end of the process I could be more recharged and ready to take on the next creative project since I tend to have a few of them going (or about to be going) at this time of the year.  I know that the next time I have a few moments I will do some work on that owl, the background branches and a few leaves, but today I was a bit more carefree, taking breaks to encourage my son on his art project.  I appreciated the fun of creating something without the stress of wondering if I was doing it perfectly or acceptably or on-trend or something. I want more of my creative efforts to be more like that.

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