November 8 : Organizers.

20151108_134740A few years ago, I had a time management train wreck. I was completely paralyzed because I found myself with two very important appointments at the same time on the same day. Something had to change because whatever I was doing was not working.  I always kept a calendar, on the wall and I had one on my phone so I had no idea how that happened, but I began carrying a paper appointment book and since the kids were becoming old enough to keep track of a lot of their own places where they needed to be, I began keeping a larger calendar that they could fill in. This year I got a big planner with a menu planner, budget and chore breakdown (Is it an indicator of my hidden nerd that I am in my second month of working in it and I am still super excited? probably) and I even got a planner for the kids’ goals and one for my oldest son to track his stuff. He is a much harder sell on this sort of thing, but I am willing to be satisfied with his using the calendar function on his cell phone. 🙂

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