Randomly Random: Back to school and the friendly skies.

I’ve finalized the back to school supply list – school supplies, clothing, all of that good stuff. The hunt is on.

Filed under dangerous hot mess yet I’m not surprised: A U. S. citizen can be on the No Fly List because he or she is deemed a terrorist threat, BUT he/she can enroll in flight lessons without a background check…The bus is looking better and better.

Maybe I’d reconsider if I could get one of those United Airlines tickets to Hong Kong for $43. Then again, maybe not.


Thankful to be staying home this year.

At first I was saddened by the fact that I won’t be flying home for Christmas, but given the latest I’ve read about children being singled out for the new and improved TSA pat down, I know it’s for the best. I’ve heard several people describe the patdowns firsthand, and honestly if one of those people reached for ANY of my children, it would not be a good situation for the TSA or any of the airport officials or government officials I’d get hold of because I’d really have a problem with a security person touching my child’s gential areas. That used to be called molesting. Now it’s security?

It’s nice to know that the FDA will risk your health…

so that the TSA can chase terrorists. Just saying. Terrorists are bad for your health too, but dealing with cancer is a high price to pay to breathe easy on a flight. Just saying.

Remember when the TSA told you that those body scans were confidential?

or wouldn’t be saved? or some malarky like that? Well guess what? Gizmodo got hold of about 100 body scans. Between this, the service at the airport and the invasive groin checks the TSA likes to execute when one chooses to opt out of the radiation laced nude photography, maybe driving and trains aren’t so bad after all.