Remember when the TSA told you that those body scans were confidential?

or wouldn’t be saved? or some malarky like that? Well guess what? Gizmodo got hold of about 100 body scans. Between this, the service at the airport and the invasive groin checks the TSA likes to execute when one chooses to opt out of the radiation laced nude photography, maybe driving and trains aren’t so bad after all.

2 thoughts on “Remember when the TSA told you that those body scans were confidential?

  1. I’ve been waiting all week to say that as soon as people act a big enough fool and stop flying to the point where the airlines revenues are affected…..TRUST that changes will be made! But if we just get angry right now and then adjust like this shit isn’t wrong then it will become “business as usual” like not allowing water through a damn security gate.

    And another thing… really irks me that we will never be able to see friends and family off at the gate again. That was something that was truly “American as apple pie” right? Little kids waving goodbye to daddy as the plane taxied down the runway? But now no one without a boarding pass is allowed to the gate area. NEWSFLASH: The terrorists had boarding passes!

  2. I miss seeing people off at the gate. I miss being seen off at the gate. I had concerns before about flying to the point that I avoided it with my small children. I flew home last year, but I’m really thinking about not doing it in the future because I don’t like the thought of somebody (TSA trained or not) patting down my child’s genitals or flashing them with that radiation.

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