This morning I was feeling down.

Back to school season had almost wiped me out (and parent nights have not even started – sigh), in addition to a few other mini dramas that are trying extremely hard to pop up in my life. I was reminded by Kandee Johnson’s blog post that one thing that always makes things better is helping someone else – helping someone in need, helping someone reach an important goal, sometimes just a word or a deed that brings light or encouragement. Just putting things in motion has me feeling quite positive and blessed. Hence the choice for today’s Flashback Friday video. 🙂

Dear Target, Walmart, Kohls, Amazon, Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, JCPenney and Kmart,

back-to-schoolThank you for the hard work you have put in to make me completely freak out about the fact that it’s less than a month before school starts and I have not bought one solitary pencil, crayon, eraser or sheet of paper for any of my four kids. Sigh. The sad part about all of this is that I was looking forward to the beginning of the year and then I remembered all of the lists, errands, addendum (addendi? addendums?) to lists, clothing, uniforms, fees, activities and what have you that stand between me and getting these kids ready. Let’s do this!

Happy Labor Day!

Can you believe that Summer is unofficially over? I can’t believe that I’ll be back on the helping people get ready for school grind Wednesday morning. It’s funny how all of the parents have an extra bounce in their step and the majority of the kids are walking around with a general lack of enthusiasm. Wait a few months until Christmas is around the corner. Then things will be reversed. I like Christmas a lot, but boy, it is a lot of work. Come to think of it, so is back to school, but the thing about back to school is I get a little quiet to um, complete more work. LOL. I am looking forward to friends I have not seen since Summer started. On one hand it seems like the time flew by, but when I think about all that has transpired, I know I was just busy. Really busy.

Randomly Random: Back to school and the friendly skies.

I’ve finalized the back to school supply list – school supplies, clothing, all of that good stuff. The hunt is on.

Filed under dangerous hot mess yet I’m not surprised: A U. S. citizen can be on the No Fly List because he or she is deemed a terrorist threat, BUT he/she can enroll in flight lessons without a background check…The bus is looking better and better.

Maybe I’d reconsider if I could get one of those United Airlines tickets to Hong Kong for $43. Then again, maybe not.