New FDA standards for sunscreens.

The FDA has announced final standards for testing sunscreen effectiveness. They have also announced new labeling of over the counter sunscreen products. The testing standards will determine a more uniform standard by which the products can be labeled as “broad spectrum” the designation for products that protect against all sources of sun-induced skin damage. There will be no more “waterproof” or “sunblock” labeling, as they have been banned. “water resistant”, but not water proof, as even water resistant sun screen can be washed away by sweat over time.

It’s nice to know that the FDA will risk your health…

so that the TSA can chase terrorists. Just saying. Terrorists are bad for your health too, but dealing with cancer is a high price to pay to breathe easy on a flight. Just saying.

Things that don’t make sense: alcoholic energy drinks.

I haven’t said anything about this, but I’ve been watching the four loko saga unfold. First there was the incident with the college students in the great state of Washington (which turned out not to be a good thing for the makers, because the Attorney General in that state does his job). Then the state banned the drinks. Now, on the heels of news that the FDA was finally going to get off its dusty butt and do something about black-out-in-a-can, Phusion Projects has announced that it will be removing caffeine from its malt liquor beverages. Seriously, though, malt liquor is like the crack of cheap alcohol and somebody had the brilliant idea of adding a LOT of caffeine (and sugar) to it and marketing it as an energy drink to not-so-intelligent young people? They should have called it lawsuit-in-a-can.

Frankenfish brought to you by Aqua Bounty Technologies and the FDA.

Despite the fact that a study shows that genetically modified salmon could cause an increase in allergic reactions, the FDA is licking its chops to bring you genetically modified salmon. Never mind that any scientist or nutritionist will tell you that wild, fresh-caught fish is healthier than farmed fish before people start playing with hormones and genetic materials.  Or that the possibility does exist that some of these engineered animals could get into the spawning waters and decimate populations of non-modified salmon. Our government is just too hyped to flood the market with crappy salmon.  I do get tired of government of, by and for the highest bidder.