The sun is out!

I’m so happy, y’all! We have had maybe two weeks of Spring weather in this place. I had almost given up on the possibility of having Summer weather. I hope it lasts, but I’m appreciating it now. The kids and I have to do something. I have no idea what, but we will do something fun and outdoorsy (that renders them tired at the end of the day, of course) and one of my kids’ books is in at the library so we can wind things down with some reading. I hope this continues!

We’re wrapping it up.

Tuesday marks the end of the school year for all my kids (Al got out of school last week). This week, while I was walking in the halls of Nat’s school, I really felt sad watching the teachers clean up the bulletin boards and stuff, especially since the kids really enjoy school and their friends. It’s interesting, because I really enjoyed school and my friends, too. 🙂 I think I have everything in place to keep people busy and learning. It’s still raining off and on and chilly most of the time. There are also plenty of new books on my reading list to help me maintain my sanity.

Fresh Produce.

vegI think it’s a good thing that the first family (and their staff – don’t forget the staff – lol) will be planting a vegetable garden this year. We’ll be planting some veggies and herbs this summer, too, to aid in my Summer cooking adventures. We did lettuce and cilantro and peas last year and they came out really well. We have some chiles coming up from earlier this year, and who knows, maybe Little A’s pumpkin will be ready for harvest this year, too. I think I’ll also let Al take care of his own plants this year, maybe do some composting. One of the main reasons we planted some of our food last summer was quality control and pricing, but just having the food available proved to be really good for us nutritionally, too.