This morning when I walked outside the sun took me back to 1982 and this song by The Gap Band (folks sure did get their sparkle on in the 70s and 80s). In my mind, it is the theme song for braids with beads, rollerskating, hanging out with friends until street lights come on, lawn sprinklers, barbecue, popsicles, and adventures involving a park with a picnic area and a lake. In short, Summer in the 1980s. I also realized that Young A is about the same age as I was when this song came out. In a lot of ways, life has changed, but when it comes to the essence of who we are and what makes us tick, I have to laugh at the similarities between us. I’ll bet my mother has found herself thinking the same type of thing about me.


Day 192: Quick! Somebody turn on the sprinklers!!!

SprinklerRemember that post a couple of days or so when I talked about how hot it was? Today it’s ten degrees hotter. It reminds me of a time when Al was a preschooler and Nat was a young toddler, and we were invited to lunch with one of my friends at the local university campus, where she worked. It was a warm Summer day, and we had a nice visit followed by a stroll around the campus. School was between sessions, so the campus was pretty quiet. As we were passing by, one of the fountains came on and I told my well dressed, supposedly trained children to walk around it. Nat was the youngest at the time and was not having that. He ran full speed into the fountain. He completely wet his clothes, shoes and hair in the fountain. Al figured that if his brother was completely wet, what did he have to lose? It took a few minutes for me to close my mouth, but I was shaking my head the entire time. Since then I have repeatedly learned that all bets are off when the weather is hot and flowing water is nearby (as evidenced by the times I have had to escort my kids out of the front yard sprinkers that were there to water the grass, not them). As hot as it is today, I could go for a sprinkler run myself. 🙂

End of year.

Tomorrow will be the last day of school, and while I have a bit of work (and driving) ahead of me, I am quite content to be finished with the 2011-2012 school year. It is hard to believe that this time last year we were looking forward to Al’s first year of high school (which has challenged me in ways I never expected and shown me a lot of great qualities about my son at the same time) and Nat’s first year of junior high school (he’s a little less edgy, but he is growing so much and becoming so independent). Then there is Max’s foray into kindergarten and Little A going to first grade. They have all grown and experienced so much in the past year and somehow I have managed to keep up. For the most part.  I can’t wait to see the plans I have set up come to fruition this Summer and then in the Fall!!

The Crunchy Grass Blues.

Can anybody tell me where July went? Today I went outside and noticed the grass was so dry that it crunched under my feet when I walked. I immediately went to turn on the sprinkler and Max ran over to the sprinker and just stood in the spray of water. He didn’t jump around. He didn’t run around. He just stood his little about-to-be-five-year-old self in the water like I was supposed to be watering him or something. Smh.