This morning when I walked outside the sun took me back to 1982 and this song by The Gap Band (folks sure did get their sparkle on in the 70s and 80s). In my mind, it is the theme song for braids with beads, rollerskating, hanging out with friends until street lights come on, lawn sprinklers, barbecue, popsicles, and adventures involving a park with a picnic area and a lake. In short, Summer in the 1980s. I also realized that Young A is about the same age as I was when this song came out. In a lot of ways, life has changed, but when it comes to the essence of who we are and what makes us tick, I have to laugh at the similarities between us. I’ll bet my mother has found herself thinking the same type of thing about me.


Day 211: Geraldo and Marriage

geraldoRemember Geraldo Rivera? The guy from Al Capone’s vault and the one who got his nose broken on the talk show? Well, he said something on Fox News’ show,  Outnumbered that has appeared to have created a new controversy. The participants of the show were talking about the concept of beta marriages, the two year trial and if things are working, everybody walks away without the entanglements and risks that come with non beta situations. Rivera said that he did not agree, as the father of three daughters, because one of the most precious things women bring with them to a marital relationship is their youth. Part of me really does not like that statement. Is it because I know about all of the other things women bring to the table, or is it because I know that there is a big piece of truth to what he said? Probably the latter.