16.72 Miles. What happened to being my best for myself?

I still feel things toning up, so that’s always good. Earlier this week, I read a blog post where a lady expressed a desire to lose weight so that she could meet more men/have a relationship. It made me think about reading the lingerie catalog from Nordie’s. The catalog was full of romantic photos of ladies in their pricey brandy skivvies with their handsome dudes. I figured there was nothing wrong with that (I’ve bought my share of clothing and lingerie for my husband’s entertainment), but what happened to wanting to look good for one’s self? Or wanting to exercise and eat healthy because it feels better and looks better? And not because some loser at the club didn’t speak? Maybe it’s me.

Relationships are complicated.

Random moment. How do you separate after 40 years of marriage? I mean after all of that time, can’t people just add their own personal caves to the house and retreat when they get on each other’s nerves?

Last night, my husband and I were watching a movie about this man whose girlfriend/partner/s.o. informed him that she was expecting a baby. When she brought up the topic of getting married, he put her off. He said he would marry her, but he was working out some things with his plan, when the plan was to hold her off as long as possible, so he could be free should  a new woman, perceived as something better, come along. I was telling my husband that a lot of times red flags pop up during the course of a relationship if a man is not interested in committing and that a lot of women ignore those signs. When I decided I wanted to get married, if the guy across the table from me at the restaurant or next to me at the movie theater felt like he had fifteen to twenty years until he wanted to settle down, then that was our last date. I’ve run into women who had to catch and trap men, but I’ve just never been that pressed. I mean, if a man wants to get married, he expresses that desire to the woman in his life. At least this has been my experience.

I know that social networks are all that, but…

I’m not so sure about the wisdom of airing domestic disputes regularly on Facebook. One or two, maybe, but hitting up the laptop whenever you need to vent? Just call me old fashioned, but something tells me that having outside folks routinely chime in on personal drama is bound to have some negative consequences.

What is it with men and texting?

DVGsidekickbI’m all for technology. Really. Gadgets are my friends. What is up with the male texting thing, though? Sometimes verbal communication can go a long way. This morning I saw Steve Harvey on Good Morning America. They were discussing an interesting question, “Can men and women be friends?”Read More »